Speaker, The Overwhelm Coach and 
Author of the upcoming book "Getting out From Under".

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Author of the upcoming book "Getting out From Under"
How to break free from stress and overwhelm and get the life you have always wanted.

Jeannette Hay is The Overwhelm Coach and an experienced Speaker, Professional Organizer, Author and Artist.

She has spent years as a volunteer for the Toronto, Professional Organizers in Canada Executive Board serving as Vice Chair and Chair and also served as National Conference Chair for the Professional Organizers in Canada Association. She currently holds the highest membership of Gold Leaf status with that association.

For over 14 years she has uncluttered people's physical spaces as well as uncluttering their minds in helping them to overcome stress and overwhelm and at the same time empowered them to live outside of their fears and have the life they have always wanted. Using her time proven techniques, she helps her audience and private clients to gain clarity and focus, while increasing their production towards their goals and living a more successful and fulfilling life.

Clarity - Focus - Success

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