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Jeannette — Life Improvement Coach and founder of Get Me Organized!

Jeannette Hay, Speaker, Writer and Gold Leaf member of the Professional Organizers in Canada has over 25 years experience of organizing behind her. She offers proven methods to help anyone become more productive and improve their quality of life, either personal or business. Sign up for her FREE organizing tips.


Project Co-ordination Services when you need it most!

According to Stats Can 2006

     "Adults who suffered high stress in 1994/95 had higher odds of developing a number of chronic
     conditions by 2000/01. …For men, they also included heart disease, and for women, asthma and
     migraine…" (Stats Can 2 Oct 2006 Risk factors associated with violence against women.)

Meet you in person, and do an Initial Assessment Consultation.
Organizing and uncluttering  is such a personal experience that it is important you are comfortable with me. I find out from you what your goals are, what areas you are having challenges in.  Discover what your  personal challenges and specific needs are and speedily address how to get a positive end result.

At the end of the Assessment you will have a written contract in your hands which includes a basic time frame needed.

As a Professional Organizer and member of the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada Association) both I am nonjudgmental and keep all information strictly confidential while helping you to become more efficient, organized, and with a space that is calmer allowing you to smoothly reach your goals while destressing.

Yes - I want to hire you

Predictability = Simplicity = Stress Relief

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