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Tools for Success Recommendations from my clients

Jeannette  worked  with me years ago and I can honestly say her efficiency and organizational systems helped me organize my business, my tasks, my mind and my life! The gift of working with her is still giving back today as I continue to be organized and enriched by the steps and methods she taught me years ago. Jeanette's gift for organizing is a gift that keeps giving back and is a must for peace of mind in a busy entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Enza Tiberi-Checchia

Mental Health Advocate, Speaker & Founder -  Mi Etcetera.com Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder -  Hats on for Awareness.com

The Golden Timer!  What a concept!   It sounded so hokie at first, but I was soon eating my words. The whole process with a Golden Timer took away the overwhelming feeling oftrying to organize my office, or my home for that matter. It helped me take bite-size pieces out of the whole ordeal of purging. Thank you Jeanette for helping me de-stress my life, 10 to 30 minutes at a time.



Jeannette  became my hero when she introduced me to the Three Basket system.  While this concept is so simple, it really helped me to organize the numerous piecesof paper coming into my home office. With multiple lines of business, volunteer and personal responsibilities, I process a lot of information on a monthly basis.  Now on my admin day, at a quick glance, I can see what needs to be handled this week, what is pending and what needs to be filed.  Even my family knows if they want me to do something for them - it goes in the INBOX. Simple, easy steps but they make all the difference when it comes to maintaining an efficient and organized workspace.

Kim Gervais

Independent Travel Agent


Jeannette helped me to organize my condominium apartment in 2014. At that time I was in the midst of separation and divorce and my mood and energy was very low .I had no mental energy to keep my space organized and functional and my apartment  was a total mess. I was ashamed to bring anyone to my place and didn't have proper space to eat, cook and rest and relax. With her great system and through a process Jeannette not only helped me to reduce my paper mess and organize my space but also how to keep it organized. It had a significant impact on my mental and physical health. Also as a result of having a more organized, spacious and beautiful space I was able to bring in a tenant and increase my income. Thank you Jeannette for all your help, you are great!

Mandana Attarzadeh

Author, Speaker and Women's empowerment coach, Toronto,Ontario       fb.me/theflourishingwoman


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Recommendations as a Speaker from audience members

"Jeannette is a fabulous speaker. She brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm into any meeting. You'll get relevant and valuable information and have a few laughs at the same time. Her talks are very informative and motivational and I can highly recommend her."
Uli Philps  Neat4Ever  http://neat4ever.ca/


"Jeannette is an inspirational upbeat woman. She can speak to a crowd with class and style. She is very in tune with the needs and wants of her clients and colleagues. She is a consummate professional and a true credit to her profession."
Christine Henderson of Henderson Automotive    Lady owned and operated since 1998   Www.hendersonauto.ca


Dear Jeannette,
I just wanted to send you my gratitude for the excellent presentation you did yesterday at Seneca. It was a pleasure to be a part of the session and I believe it gave me an opportunity to organize myself better.

Thanks once more and keep up the good work.
Dr. Muhammad Nasim Sabir


1125 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, M1K 4H2   Phone:  (416) 393-5335

To Whom It May Concern:

Presenter Jeannette Hay of Get Me Organized! did a presentation on the importance of time management and organization to students from Grade 6, 7and 8 at St. Albert Elementary School in Scarborough, ON

For 90 minutes she gave her entertaining and educational presentation to over 100 people. She presented in a thorough and entertaining manner, and had the students as well as staff members all very impressed and well informed.  She also took the time to return with the students to their classrooms and apply what she had spoken to them about. They enthusiastically uncluttered their desks and filled out the feedback forms. Eighty nine percent reported they considered her a good speaker and all the teachers agreed with this and would be happy to have her return again.

We feel very fortunate to have had Jeannette speak to us.  She was very friendly and answered all of our questions expertly. The students all now understand how improved organization and time management can help them in their school work and moving forward, both in their personal and future professional lives.

I strongly recommend Jeannette’s presentation to any school that would like to improve their students work ability and gain time management skills. 
John Sawdon,  Grade 7 Teacher

Jeannette is a captivating speaker. She engages the audience with relevant info & examples. Her presentations are organized, well thought through & easy to listen to.

Helen Miklaszewski


I have had a couple opportunities to hear Jeannette speak. Her ability to reach everyone in the audience always excites me. Her topics are always current and relative, I always walk away with many nuggets of useful, and usable information. She has a unique way of reaching people, and she truly understands what the business owner goes through. If Jeanette is speaking, I cannot miss the event! 
Karen Marth, Owner  Empress Eco Friendly Cleaning Services

Jeannette’s dedication to her craft comes through loud & clear in her presentation.
I would highly recommend booking Jeannette if you have a group that has interest in creating a more functional and pleasing space in their office or in their home. You will come away with some useful tips to get started on right away. For those needing individual and on-going attention, I recommend a consultation with Jeannette so she can address your personal needs.
Marlene Marco  Founder of “Heart Of Networking”  


Jeannette engages so easily with her audience.  She is sincere,passionate and always has something of benefit to share. 
CJ, Business owner, Toronto


Jeannette provides a warm and welcoming environment to her participants and is always knowledgeable, prepared, calm and inclusive when she facilitates.
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Office administration assistance recommendation

I have been working with Jeannette for quite a while now on getting caught up with my backlogged taxes and other filing needs.

She has been immensely helpful in plowing through the confusion in the files and boxes of receipts and sorting everything out, getting the receipts categorized and tabulated and generally helping me get the huge amounts of filing put together for the accountant as well as general cleaning up and organizing of the day to day office paperwork.

 I would not have been able to do this by myself and Jeannette has been a huge help to me in getting the office sorted out and running effectively.

Sean Ford, CEO and Founder
Xpedient Technologies
(names submitted at request of client)
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Residential Office Success Recommendation from clients
Jeannette Hay helped to Get Me Organized!
She is a true professional with a unique approach to building the client relationship. I normally don't like filling out paper work but I appreciated the questionnaires and insights she sent prior to our first work day. They helped me focus on specific organization goals in relation to my lifestyle. This was essential because the organization project I had was complex and if we hadn't set the short and long term goals, I would have become frustrated in between.

She has a structured, reassuring approach with an exceptionally positive attitude towards letting go of all the clutter.
Jeannette works with vision to create space. She really is a time and space artist.

Thank you, Tanya Chernova   
(name submitted at request of client)
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Residential Recommendation from clients

You would be so proud of me!  My sub-basement is done!

My summer goals are 90% complete. 

Thanks so much you taught me how to get unstuck!  No more overwhelming feelings of panic. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Pam Tishler, Teacher


Knowing that my paper work and boxes of hoarded, “I’ll read that one day” information were blocking mefrom moving forward with freeing up my time, I came to the wise conclusion that I was willing to pay someone to help me get through it all. Through a series of“life’s like that” serendipitous circumstances, my path crossed with that of Jeannette Hay, organizer extraordinaire. Since my goal was to set up processes by which I make all things efficient, thereby freeing up more time in my working day to then do my volunteer work, an important part of my balanced existence, Jeannette got me going on the right path. As quoted by AlvinToffler, “…you’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction”.

Jeannette Hay has helped me to set up the processes for the small things, so that I will have free time to think about those big things.

Thank you, Jeannette,and all the best with your mentorship of the other organizers in the region in your capacity as Chair of the Toronto Chapter of the Professional Organizers in Canada network.

Liz Couture,

Richmond Hill
(name submitted by client)

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